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Thermodynamics II

Thermodynamics II is a mandatory course for undergraduate students of mechanical engineering. This course discusses about the applications of engineering thermodynamics in industry. In this course, firstly, students get familiar with power and refrigeration cycles. Then thermodynamics of gas mixtures and its application in air-conditioning is discussed. After that, thermodynamic relations and their scope of application are mentioned. Analysis of combustion as one of the most conventional chemical reaction processes is covered in another chapter of this course. Last but not least are compressible flow and its thermodynamics.


Thermodynamics I

Grading Policy: 

Midterm            40

Final                   40

Homework        10

Project               10

Teacher Assistants: 

Mohammad Reza Habibi


Saturdays         11:00-12:30

Mondays            11:00-12:30

Winter 2013

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